Debunking the myths

There are many misconceptions about non-banks, so we have addressed a few of the myths below:


Non-bank loans have high interest rates. 
This isn’t always the case; we have to assess every scenario and application to ensure we provide loan and interest rate options that suit your or your client’s situation. Our best available rates are competitive with mainstream banks, and in many cases our current rates are lower. 

Non-bank loans are only for people who can’t manage money. 
Absolutely not! Our customers have a range of profiles and come from all walks of life.
We find it’s often our clients requests don’t tick all the boxes for the major banks – but that doesn’t mean they’re a credit risk.

Non-bank loans are only a short-term solution. 
Incorrect – in fact, many of our customers have been with us for years. 

Non-bank lenders are less financially secure. 
Not true. Non-banks must comply with many of the same rules and regulations as the major banks.

Our specialists focus on each individual application and pride themselves on competitive rates and the ability to keep you informed and supported through every step of the process.


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